Residential Building Management


High overheads?

Chaotic track records?

Let us manage your home!

Due to the unclear accounting, that the condominium issues, many home owners are overcharged in the process. We think that the most important is that every home owner pays their precisely determined share of the costs of the building. Therefore Fercom Real Estates is committed to create accurate and transparent tracking.

Besides the transparent bookkeeping processes we find it extremely important to reach the highest degree of cost-efficiency during the management of the condominiums. Our company has a wide range of subcontractors who have become strategic partners due to long years of cooperation. On the other hand we always ask offers from several companies for every project in order to achieve the most competitive price on the market.

Our services include:

  • Up-to-date bookkeeping of the cashflows
  • Regular inspection of the meters
  • Organizing the cleaning processes
  • Gardening
  • Maintenance and repairing works
  • Summoning general meetings and keeping record of it
  • Office hours once a month (if needed)
  • 24 hour standby
  • Creating financial and management plans
  • Complete administration:
    • Bank accounts
    • Communication with authorities
    • Communication with public utility service providers
    • Insurance

Moreover we carry out the writing and the execution of EU and state subsidy projects. Our company has a significant expertise in writing and winning several projects. We track continuously the newest renovation projects of residential buildings.