Owner representation

Tulajdonosi képviselet

Having a hard time leasing on market price?

Need a helping hand in optimizing costs?

Administration has become chaotic?

Let us do the job!


We represent the interest of owners during the negotiations with future tenants. We can assist in forming favorable lease agreements whether it is a new agreement, a renewal or an expansion. Knowing the changes on the market, our colleagues can help to find the best solution regarding the elements of the lease agreement.

Fercom Real Estate can easily help you in decreasing the costs of the building thanks to its 20 years of experience. Through these years we have built a reliable subcontractor base where we can reach competitive prices

It is extremely important to have a transparent management of the resources. The inaccurate or in some cases the lack of administration can cause inefficient management of the real estate. Our company offers reliable bookkeeping, easily understandable cost analysis and up-to-date invoicing.


Owner representation services:

  • Full service letting
  • Representing owner while interacting with tenants
  • Preparing lease agreements (new, renewal, expansion)
  • Continuous communication with tenants
  • Rent collection
  • Common representation of the building (in case of several owners)
  • Writing the management and operation regulatory procedures
  • Writing and editing newsletters
  • Organizing the visits by authorities
  • Full service financial administration
  • Up-to-date bookkeeping
  • Assisting in legal background