Office Space planning and Fit-out

Bérleménytervezés és kialakítás

We accompany you and your tenant through the whole process. The fit-out process can be a stressful project both for the owner and for the tenant as well. Therefore it is vital to put down our goals with the project at the beginning and create a detailed plan before we take any action. The whole project is carried out with focusing closely on the client’s needs. With our subcontractors we are able to reach competitive prices. Also our strategic partners offer a high degree of flexibility due to the strong relationship that has evolved through the years.



The importance of planning cannot be emphasized enough. To reach the goals in time we have to create a well detailed plan regardless of the type of office space.

The process starts with evaluating the needs of the tenants. In case there are no pre-defined needs or the information is not enough, we can offer various suggestions that helps creating an office space that follows the actual trends, creates an environment for productivity and of course considers the costs of the fit-out.



The Fit-out process requires several subcontractors like IT professionals, architects, electrician, paving expert etc. If the detailed plan for the fit-out has been created we organize the workflow together with our partners so we may cooperate with the highest efficiency.


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