Building management systems


                Building maintenance has become more and more complex throughout the years. We have integrated building management systems into our buildings. The main advantage of the system is that it centralizes building management tasks. It helps to easily identify the required tasks and take action immediately from the control room. Such an IT technology turns the real estate into an intelligent building


The building management system consists of the following elements:

–          Sensors and thermostats that provide input data

–          Two-way communication systems with independently controlled microprocessors (consumption meters, inverters etc.)

–          building management server, that is able to control the supervised elements of the building through various software


The building management systems can control and direct the building engineering and electricity systems, the household appliances and other electronic equipments. They are connected to the building’s security and fire safety system as well.


Energy management

Energy bills are out of control? We can help!

Several analyses support the fact that energy prices will increase in the future. Since a real estate is a long-term investment it is extremely important to manage our energy costs efficiently.

Our company buys energy based on actual market conditions. Since we bundle our real estate portfolio and buy energy for a fixed 1 year term at the most suitable time we can reach competitive prices for our buildings. This allows us to offer the most efficient energy prices toward our tenants and our partners.

Energy savings up to one month on a yearly basis!

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