Facility Management

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Our facility management division offers various services that aim at keeping the real estate’s quality and safety standard on the required level


But why are we different?


With our experts and strategic partners we can offer unique solutions for the complete technical management of your real estate. We always seek the most cost-efficient method. Due to the low number of associates at our company we offer the highest degree of flexibility during our problem solving procedure, so we can resolve any technical problems immediately. Moreover Fercom Real Estates manages its own portfolio. This means that we can offer not only a manager’s but the owner’s perspective for our client’s portfolio.


Our facility management services are the following:


Reparation and Renovation

The complete reparation and renovation procedure is coordinated from planning until the final works. Quality, precision and accuracy is our number one priority. Our skilled workforce has gained valuable experience through the years regarding planning and fit-out. Several of our works show that project can highly benefit from the adequate technical preparations. Click here for more!

Electricity and Mechanical maintenance

  • Safe, problem-free and continuous operation of the different facilities.
  • Extending the life of the instruments
  • Meeting the requirements of the technical specifications and standards
  • Life-, health-  and fire safety, security of property and environmental protection

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Every building has to ensure a safe environment for its tenants and guests. Finding the suitable security level is a complex question regarding personal safety and the security of property. The required security level is based on various factors like the size and location of the real estate, the business activity of the tenants etc. Click here for more!

Fire safety

Fire safety is inevitable for ensuring the highest level of safety standards in the building. Moreover it is a codified responsibility of the owner. The technological innovations offer cost-efficient and reliable fire safety systems. Click here for more!

Other services

  • Communicating with public utility service providers
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Selective garbage collection

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